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Light Infrared Therapy Anti-Aging Mask

Light Infrared Therapy Anti-Aging Mask

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1.3 Large LED light source. Specific wavelength light (IPL) is used to provide comprehensive skin care. 807 LED beads, covering all corners of the face. They can improve acne marks, reduce pores, reduce wrinkles, and tighten skin

2. Two modes adjustment (manual & automatic). In automatic mode, press the power button and it will automatically shut down after 20 minutes. Manual mode, you can adjust the color according to your own needs

3. Detachable neck mask. Magnetic suction neck cover, from the face to the neck delicate every part

4. Super protection. Built-in MCU and charging management IC chip, eight fold protection, safe charging

5. Visual eye window and wireless use. You can enjoy the photon LED spa anytime and anywhere while playing on the phone or reading a book.1400mAh large battery, charge time 3-4 hours, full charge can use 3-5 times.

6. Safe and comfortable wearing experience. Transparent window and anti-light structure, no harm to eyes, no interference to daily life; The mask is equipped with a silicone pad and elastic silicone elastic band, which can be adjusted at any time to better fit the face

7. The perfect companion for facial masks. By opening up the skin's absorption channels, it can increase the absorption effect of the mask by three times. We strongly recommend that you apply skin care products before applying it.


1. Clean your face first

2. Apply a mask or apply a serum

3. Wear a mask and adjust the appropriate tightness

4. Touch the button, short press to turn on and switch the light source

5. You can select auto mode or manual mode

6. After 20 min, the skin care is over


1. Before use, you need to remove makeup and clean face.

2.Use with a facial mask and essence liquid to achieve a tripled effect.

3.Use 2-3 times a week, 20 minutes each time.

4.It is best not to use it when charging, or it will short circuit




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