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Large Lithium Ion Battery

Large Lithium Ion Battery

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Large Battery Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery with Battery Indicator Upgraded For Makita 18-21V Electric Power Tool Battery

Compatible Models:  

For Makita BCF201 BCF201Z BCL180 BCL180F BCL180W BCL180Z BCL180ZW BCL182 BCL182Z BCS550 BCS550F BCS550RFE BCS550Z

 For Makita DUB182Z DUC353Z DUC302Z DJR186Z DJR187Z DJV180Z DSS610Z DSS611Z, DHS680Z, DHR202Z, DHP482Z, DHP458Z

 For Makita DTD152 DTD152Z DTD153Z DTM50Z DTM51Z DGA452Z DBO180Z DML801

 For Makita BDA350 BDA350F BDA350RFE BDA350Z BDA351 BDA351RFE BDA351Z BDF451 BDF451Z BDF452Z BDF452Z BDF453Z

 For Makita BJR181RFE BJR181X BJR181X1 BJR181Z BJR182 BJR182F BJR182X

   Package Included:

 1 or 2 x Lithium Battery Replacment For Makita

 1x Battery Charger


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