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Gear shifter hoodie

Gear shifter hoodie

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Check out our 100% Quality Brand New Hood Shifter Cover!
1.Functional Fashion: Handmade in our studio from real hooded fabric, this accessory will look great and keep your gear knob safe.
2.Durable design: It is not only cute but also practical! Made of fleece, cotton, thread and polyester,
keeps your button warm in cold weather.
3.Universal and easy to maintain: It is perfect for all seasons, keeping your hands warm in winter and protecting your button from the hot sun in summer. Plus, cleaning is a breeze!
4. Car Interior Perfection: Tighten or loosen the drawstrings of the hoodie to customize and differentiate your car.


Material: Cotton and Polyester
Color: As shown
Size: As shown
The package includes: 1x Hoodie Shift knob cover

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